If you are unfamiliar with the word “mead“, please allow me to share with you what I’ve learned from my frequent travels just 45 miles northeast of Buffalo, NY. This is where you’ll find 810 Meadworks located in the very charming and historic village of Medina, NY, and also where you’ll discover what’s been missing from your alcoholic arsenal your whole adult-beverage-drinking life!810MWGlassGlo

Possibly the oldest known alcoholic refreshment known to humankind, mead in the simplest of terms is fermented honey and water. 810 Meadworks, however, takes this basic concept and elevates it to a whole new dimension using their innovative creativity  to craft recipes that incorporate ingredients such as seasonal fruits, coffee beans, various tea leaves, herbs and spices, vanilla, maple syrup, and even hops for the beer enthusiasts! If while reading this blog posting your interest is piqued and you’d like to learn more, please visit their website for videos demonstrating the mead making process.

When you walk in from the front doors off Center Street, you will pass through a production area of tanks and bottles. You’ll find that it is quite different in appearance to that of a brewery or winery.810MWProd

Stepping into the tasting room you’ll discover the vibe to be most similar to that of a local, neighborhood brewpub. There is a wrap-around bar where a handful of regulars convene on any given day to discuss various topics of entertainment and interest. Don’t hesitate to jump on in! Everyone is warmly welcomed here. Many times, you’ll find owners Bryan and Larissa behind the bar pouring drinks and telling stories, too. If you’d rather kick back quietly and relax while you sip and sample the mead, there is a lounge area with a comfy couch and chairs as well. No one here will be offended if you do!810MWBar810MWLounge

There are so many different meads to taste at 810 Meadworks from sweet to spicy, to carbonated or non-carbonated, one that tastes like coffee, and another that tastes like a popsicle. Quite literally, there is a mead here for everyone’s palate. At their tasting bar, they also offer specialty cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks including house-made honey soda, unique chocolate pairings, and snacking plates to feasting platters for noshing.

During the warm summer months, their Bee Garten is open and nestled nicely just outside the backdoor of the tasting room behind the building. It is usually bustling with activity from live music events to informal games of cornhole. No matter what the reason is that brings you out to the Medina area,  visit 810 Meadworks! You just might discover that you too have “a need, a need for mead!”Guided Pours Logo copy