What better way to pay the distilling devil a compliment than to bathe yourself in the spirit of his gin. Or, if that proverbial tub is too hot for your liking, how about cooling off over some frozen falls? I apologize. Possibly my humor is a little too dark for you right now. It’s beginning to sound like it could use a shot of light from, oh I don’t know… a lantern!

Honeoye Falls Dist_exterior

I’ve either thoroughly confused you at this point, or I’ve totally made it obvious that my travels have brought me (and now you) to Honeoye Falls Distillery. They are easy to find, and conveniently located right on Main Street in Honeoye Falls, NY. It is a beautiful drive getting here either 30 minutes south from Rochester, or a bit further driving east from Buffalo. No matter where you’re coming from, Honeoye Falls is worth the trip.

Honeoye Falls Dist_Selfie
Selfie with Designated Driver with Honeoye Falls in background

Their motto of “No compromises… Batch by Batch” is evident in each sip of their meticulously handcrafted spirits. The distillery offers a reasonably priced tasting of any three of their Red Saw bourbon, Devil’s Bathtub gin, Frozen Falls vodka, or Lantern Light moonshine.

If sipping the hard stuff is a bit too much, they also have a fully stocked bar complete with a unique cocktail menu, locally crafted beers and FIZ sodas.

It’s a very relaxed atmosphere here. You can sit up at the bar, or at a table. Where ever you feel the most comfortable. Personally, I like being up at the bar basking in the friendliness of the staff, and listening to stories being shared. This is a refreshingly social distillery and bar that just so happens to serve up some extraordinary sounding food as well. Join them for Happy Hour, or Sunday Brunch, or both! They encourage you to take your time, stay awhile, and enjoy the pride and passion they’ve so thoughtfully put into everything they do!Guided Pours Logo copy