Simple and clean, smooth yet distinctive, are ways to describe the small batches of handcrafted Vodka and American Gin that are being produced by Tommyrotter Distillery. Well, now they can proudly add award winning in recognition of excellence to that ever-growing list of adjectives, and it couldn’t be better earned or more deserved!


Tommyrotter Distillery is located in South Buffalo’s newly revitalized Hydraulic district which is also Buffalo, NY’s oldest industrial neighborhood with its origins dating as far back as the 1790’s. At 500 Seneca Street inside the F.N. Burt building, a 115-year-old paper box factory, you’ll find Tommyrotter’s tasting room on a mezzanine level overlooking their production facility where you can enjoy a sip and take a glimpse into the diligence that goes into the creation of every batch. Through the glass windows you’ll be able to view their spirits being made in small batch, copper stills. Then watch as the bottles are filled and labeled painstakingly by hand.


Tommyrotter offers free tastings Thursday through Saturday of their charcoal-filtered, American grain vodka, and their American style gin infused with the finest blend of herbs, fruits, roots and flowers. Their spirits can also be found in many dining and drinking establishments, as well as purchased by the bottle in either their tasting room or a liquor store within your neighborhood. Check their website for availability.


Opening their doors in July of 2015, I’d like to wish a Happy Belated One Year Anniversary to Tommyrotter Distillery! You’ve stayed true to your roots honoring the industrious spirit of back, hand, and heart. You’ve literally poured your love and passion for distilling into each and every single batch. You’ve continued to be consistent in your production of some of the cleanest, smoothest, and most flavorful spirits available anywhere, not just here in Buffalo. And for creation’s sake, we hope you enjoy many more years of the hand-over-fist success which you’ve already reaped. Cheers!Guided Pours Logo copy