When anyone first hears the term “wine tasting”, there is a typical mental picture that comes to mind… A glorious late summer day amidst vibrant rolling hillsides blanketed by meticulously and methodically planted rows upon rows of fruitful grape vines basking under a bright blue sky as the soft, pillow-like white clouds meander lazily across the horizon. It’s a quiet, stress-free visual that becomes even more so as you envision yourself inserted within that landscape sipping gently from a magnificent glass of your favorite wine (pinkies up, of course!) from the wooden deck of a chalet-style winery far, far away from the noisy, chaotic, concrete jungle that is all too often the setting for our everyday lives, and from which we all long to escape… or is that just my Monday through Friday day drinking dream?!

Chateau Buffalo Ciderhouse & Winery shatters that traditional way of thinking, but in a good way. Surprisingly located within the City of Buffalo tucked inside the historic Niagara Food Terminal just off Bailey Avenue at 1500 Clinton Street, Chateau Buffalo is well known as the city’s original urban winery.

cb_tastingbarThe tasting room at Chateau Buffalo is open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 12:00pm to 7:00pm. Don’t be fooled by the exterior. Once inside, this pioneering purveyor of locally crafted wines and hard ciders reveals itself to be a trend-setter offering patrons a spaciously chic, laid back, loft-style tasting area with plenty of room to roam. The friendly and knowledgeable staff quickly makes you feel comfortable and right at home.cb_sitting-areaChateau Buffalo produces several varieties of award-winning, crafted hard ciders under the label “Dancing Buffalo“. These ciders are created at their city location using locally grown New York State apples and pears. They range from crisp and dry to refreshing and light, along with a spiced Holiday Hop that is deliciously served warm!

Not to be missed, Chateau Buffalo is also a winery offering both red and white wines pleasing palates with dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, and sweet options. Working exclusively with local fruits, Chateau Buffalo flexes its vintner muscles by employing traditional techniques to create unique wines that are blended and aged in-house.

Venture outside from what is considered traditional, shop and support local business, and think beyond the box! Chateau Buffalo Ciderhouse and Winery makes all of those things easy to accomplish within one enjoyable visit.Guided Pours Logo copy