Is the glass half empty or half full?

This is the question I found myself asking while enjoying some of 12 Gates Brewing Company‘s Randall Thursday Roasted Habanero USC IPA. Maybe some better questions to ask when the glass becomes less than what it started out as might be… “Who drank the other half?” and “Who is paying for the next round?”

12 Gates Half full Half empty

12 Gates InteriorIf you’ve never been to 12 Gates Brewing in Williamsville, NY before, finding them might seem more like a scavenger hunt which ultimately turns into a “lovers” spat between you and Google Maps. You can’t see it directly from Earhart Drive, and due to restrictions of the business park in which they are located, there is no obvious signage at the street either.

Once you learn where they are at 80 Earhart Drive, you will quickly appreciate the quiet, out-of-the-way place that they are tucked into. There is no hustle or bustle here. It is a stress free environment. From the Cornhole and Kan Jam games set up on the lawn area to the picnic tables complete with umbrellas, kick off your high heels or business shoes, and stay awhile.

12 Gates has a nice selection of, and I quote from their website, “unique, satisfying, and memorable” handcrafted beers. They have an array of IPAs to choose from; West Coast IPA, Under the Southern Cross (USC) IPA, an oak-aged USC IPA, and a Session IPA. Also rounding out their staples are the 12 Gates White that is made with no wheat for the gluten-conscious, the Water Mills Pils, the Coffee Porter, and the Bleeding Heart Red Rye.

12 Gates Tasting

Can’t decide on just one? No worries here. You can get a tasting flight of five selections of your liking. If you don’t have time to sip and savor your brew, they offer growlers and fills, as well as kegs to go!

There are many reasons to try, and to frequent 12 Gates.12 Gates Event BoardThey have a food menu with some very tasty light fare and snacks that are anything but the typical bar food offerings. The menu consists of Paninis, Flatbreads, finger foods, and desserts. Much to my surprise and delight, you can order a dessert flight of 2 cheesecake bites and 3 beers. How awesome is that?!!

12 Gates Hoppy Hour Beers

There are various events happening on any given day, like Hoppy Hour, live music, Mini Batch Mondays, and Randall Nights on Thursdays. Once you discover 12 Gates in Williamsville, you’ll find out that “Beer is not the answer, it’s the question. YES, is the answer!”.

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