Have you ever wondered what a barrique aged Spätburgunder from Germany tastes like? Or  a Châteauneuf-du-Pape from the Southern Rhône region of France? How about a classic Hunter Semillon from the old wine country in New South Wales, Australia? Well, there’s no need for dusting off your passport or draining your hard-earned 401K when there is a hometown winery like Ten Thousand Vines located conveniently within the historic Village of Hamburg, NY creating small batch, international style wines using grapes grown from around the world.10KVinesExtTen Thousand Vines is a winery like no other found in Erie County, New York. There are no sprawling hillsides covered in grape vines. There aren’t any grand vats or stacks of aged barrels. Instead, you’ll find a seemingly unpresumptuous brick building simply adorned with striped window awnings standing  at the corner of S. Buffalo Street and E. Eden Road. Not only is this building a century old building, but it once was originally the Village Fire House as well as the jail. Now-a-days, the only criminal activity you’ll find at Ten Thousand Vines are the passersby unaware of the locally crafted, worldly wines awaiting inside to be uncorked.10kVines_int

There is a lot to learn about wines and wine making processes. Sometimes there seems to be too much to know, and people begin to feel intimidated before they’ve even ventured to their first winery. Please have no fear, especially here. Ten Thousand Vines is the perfect place to visit if you know nothing about wines. They are patient, knowledgeable, friendly, and understanding.

They believe that finding wines that suit your tastes should be stress-free and fun. They speak about wines in an everyday manner that immediately puts your fears at ease providing you with a most enjoyable experience to sip, sample, and learn.  At their tasting bar you will be guided through tasting flights given by the experienced staff members. This allows you to try a range of wines side by side so that you can hone in on your preferences. 10kVines_roomIf you’re already familiar with your likes and dislikes, and you’re ready to become a home-based vintner, Ten Thousand Vines also offers supplies, resources, classes, and even an annual competition for the wine-making enthusiasts!

Take some time and visit Ten Thousand Vines winery. They are doing wonderful things with wines that no one else locally is doing, and that is very exciting! Discover their passion, expand your palate, and taste their uniquely successful wines. Nowhere else but right here in Hamburg, NY can you uncork the world!Guided Pours Logo copy