Giving you no reason to dig too deeply, or to drive too far, Rusty Nickel Brewing Company instead gives you a whole lot of bang for your buck… or in this case, your nickel! Located just minutes southeast from downtown Buffalo, NY in West Seneca, you’ll find RNBC  at 4350 Seneca Street just behind Ebenezer Ale House not far from Union Road.

You’ll first see Ebenezer, as they are right out in front. Don’t drive by! Pull into the parking lot, and you’ll soon see Rusty Nickel at the back of that parking lot. You have arrived!

Upon entering the tasting room, you’ll be greeted by warm, rustic charm and a comfortable atmosphere. There are fun board games strategically placed on tables just daring you to ignore them. Can you do it? Can you ignore Jenga or Connect Four? How about the tuned piano against the wall? Can you resist playing a little ditty? We’ll see how you feel after you’ve had something to wet your whistle! RNBC_beers

Rusty Nickel Brewing gives it’s patrons brews to get excited about. Not only do they offer the traditional styles of Ales, IPAs, Porters and the like, they also give you unexpected twists and turns in varieties of Cream Ales, Hefeweizens, a Black IPA, and quite frankly, too many to mention them all. Don’t believe me? On their website, RNBC has 6 pages dedicated to their love of brewing and mixology. Their impressive line-up of hand-crafted beers rotates throughout the year, so there is always something new to try! Among their many styles of beer, they also have guest taps of hard ciders. Truly a little something for everyone.

If it’s a nice summer day, there is a Biergarten and patio area with plenty of seating, and lots of beautifully matured trees to help ease the city tensions away. It’s a park-like setting that you could find someone like me enjoying often! Getting a little hungry after playing a few rounds of Cornhole? No worries. RNBC has a variety of munchable, sharable appetizers, too. RNBC_chalkeventsThere is a lot to see and do here at Rusty Nickel Brewing Company from tours to tastings, from games of trivia to painting parties. Whether you’re among a large group or simply looking for somewhere to relax and unwind after a long week at the office, you’ve found the right place. Rusty Nickel sets itself apart, not only in location within the Southtowns, but also in the way things are done “just a little differently“.

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