I’ve been excited about Gael Brewing Company ever since the summer of 2015. Why? While touring around Seneca Lake a lot last year doing extensive research in the Finger Lakes region for Guided Pours, I noticed the sign for this up-and-coming, Irish-American brewery that was “opening soon“. Located on the lake’s western shore along State Route 14 in Geneva, NY is where Gael Brewing Co. first opened it’s doors to the public in June of 2015.gael-ext-side

Offering a refreshing change of pace is what I find most appealing about Gael Brewing. Here, it’s all about the beer, plain and simple.  This is the perfect place to sample beers that you typically won’t find in other local breweries, and they take pride in that. Their fresh, craft brews incorporate both traditional and modern influences reflective of styles near and far from home.gaelt-aps-and-board

They offer tasting flights of 3oz pours each of 4 beers. Your choices might include their Sherlock Blonde Ale, Smashing Gael, Rye Bread Ale, Liam’s Irish Red Ale, and Templederry Irish Stout. Sound tasty, don’t they? I agree!! Once you settle on a favorite, they also have pints, grumblers, and growlers for purchase, as well as fills. If you find yourself interested in their unique brewing processes, you’re in luck. They have tours on Saturdays at 1:00pm. However, being a small microbrewery, it is always best to contact them before your arrival to make sure of accommodations and availability.gael-ext-road

Gael Brewing Company is a place that will pleasantly surprise most beer enthusiasts with their distinctive styles of well-balanced beers brewed by their award-winning brewmaster. Take the time to travel to Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes region to discover what this Irish-American brewery is all about, and taste their love and passion for the “ould sod”.Guided Pours Logo copy