Cliches become cliches for a reason, and that reason is because there is some element of truth within those catchy phrases. So when you hear that big things come from small batch breweries, believe it!! And by big things, I mean big, bright, thoughtful, flavorful beers.

Back in 2015, I remember reading about a new, up-and-coming nano brewery aspiring to join Buffalo’s craft beer scene. I diligently watched the progress online, and anxiously awaited the grand opening which took place in the summer of 2016. Of course, I cleared my calendar on Saturday, July 30th, and was among the first patrons of Buffalo Brewing Company located in South Buffalo’s Larkinville district at 314 Myrtle Avenue. I was fortunate to meet John Domres, Jr., the owner, that day. We talked about his journey, the history of the building, his family, his love and connection with the City of Buffalo, and of course, about his new venture in brewing quality, artisan-crafted beers for the public.

Not sure what a “nano” brewery is? That’s okay. You’re not alone. The term nano brewery is a fairly recent addition to the craft brewing lexicon, and has yet to be definitively defined. Simply put, a nano brewery is one that typically produces beer in batches of three to seven barrels or smaller. Again, the definition has not been clearly defined yet, so depending upon which site you choose to read, these barrel amounts vary. In the case of Buffalo Brewing Company, they produce only 2 barrels or 62 gallons per batch!

The tasting room and brewing facility is small and intimate. A ninety degree display cabinet houses Buffalo Brewing Co merchandise available to purchase, and also shows off some area antiques and collectibles that are relevant to Buffalo’s brewing history. There are a few highboy tables set up where you can take your time sipping and enjoying the beer of your choice while conversing with friends, family, and neighbors. An interesting feature not to be overlooked is the repurposed butcher’s counter that now proudly serves as the brewery’s bar counter. This is where I like to be, because I find the staff to be very friendly and engaging with conversation about lots of topics, but especially about their beers.

Buffalo Brewing Company’s love for the City’s history is evident in their unique beer naming system which commemorates milestone events in Buffalo’s past. They have 5 core beers that are always on tap along with the occasional, seasonal “limited availability” brews. It’s always a good idea to check the website for tasting room hours and to see if there is anything new on tap.

1804 American Pale Ale – The year that Joseph Ellicott designed a radial street and grid system for Buffalo.

1813 Porter – The year the City of Buffalo was burned by the British during the War of 1812.

1842 Vienna Lager – The year that the Dart Grain Elevator was invented & built.

1910 Czech Pilsner – Commemorating the year that Buffalo Brewing Company opened at 1571 Clinton Street.

1901 India Pale Ale – Celebrating the year the Pan-American Exposition took place in Buffalo, New York.


With all this creativity, passion, and enthusiasm, Buffalo Brewing Company is well on their way to establishing some great history of their own within the City of Buffalo. Cheers to… “Good Neighbors, Great Beers!”

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